We strictly adhere to the esteem of your privacy.

Effective date: October 26, 2018

TexAu is committed to guarding your personal and private information. And to ensure that, we've created our strict policies and guidelines which we strictly adhere.

This page elaborates the Privacy Policies of TexAu (child company of Eulercoder, formerly Eulercoder Technologies LLP) henceforth will be known as "Company" and may also be listed as "Us," "We," or, "Our."

We, provide application/software based service(s) to our "Clients" henceforth will be known as "You," or "Customers.
"Before you start, we wanted to assure you that we use your information to enhance our services and your experience.

Policy Extent:

Whenever you visit our website or use any of our services or when you're active on our tools, we actively serve all the possible securities and strategies to ensure that your information is entirely safe and secured with us.

We sometimes give links to other websites or resources to make sure that you're receiving proper navigation.

Since you'll be redirected to some other websites, so that website will not be in our control. Those websites may have different privacy policies and methods of processing your information.

It is strictly informed to you to please visit and check the privacy policy of those pages, to ensure proper safety.

What information does TexAu collect? How do we process it?

We do collect information from users who access/use our website and any part of our service(s). And this is done to make sure that you get all the possible enhanced access. People who make a registration on our site/service(s) are asked to furnish some personal information, including name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address.

The information processed is primarily used to provide better usability, reliability, authenticity, and verifiability.

Phases of Information Gathering:

Phase 1: When you surf our website.

Whenever you visit our website, we collect certain information:

Usage Stats:

Here we collect all the information related to websites you visit, from what site you're coming, how long you've been on certain sites, etc.

User Information: Here, we collect information that might include your name, phone number, email id, the organization you're working in/your organization name, etc. It is done to make sure that we're maintaining the authenticity of the user.

Device Information: In this case, we collect information related to your device that includes what device you're using, what network you're on, what operating system it has, it's version, unique identification number, etc.

Phase 2:

When you make any payment.

Payment Details: Neither we nor any of our service(s) stores your payment details. Whenever you make any payment on our website/application, you're redirected to the preferred payment gateway. All the information are stored on the database of the approved payment gateway using strict encryption and will not be used anywhere without your permission.

Billing Address: We take this address for the delivery of the processed modules. This address can be used further to make any communications with you, in case we don't found any other way of communication.

We provide a direct way of editing the details (in case you change your billing address.)

Phase 3:

When you reach our support.

Email address: We have a team of expert-support who're working continuously to serve the best that we can. We provide Chat and Email support to our users. So whenever you get in touch with us, we do collect your Name and Email. And this is done to make sure you receive the duplicate copy of the conversation. And also, we can use the same to be in touch with you for future preferences.

Phase 4:

When you subscribe to our Newsletter.

Email Address: When you visit our site or service portal or page, you may be prompted to request for a newsletter subscriptions. When you do so, your name and email id are stored with us as long as you're interested in our newsletter.

We do provide a direct link to unsubscribe so that you can remove your listing from our database; we will remove your details permanently after you make a unsubscribe request (for the newsletter.)

Phase 5:

Information collected by Cookies:

Cookies may be defined as a small file that is stored or kept within your device, which consists of some information which may be used for enhancing the user experience.

Most of the browsers automatically permit the cookie use. Based on your browsers' settings, you can set the preferences concerning what information should be used.

Please make sure that if you turn the cookie off, some of the site's functionality might now work.

Why do we collect this information?

Whenever we collect any of your information, it becomes our responsibility entirely to keep it into an encrypted space so that it won't be shared with anyone.

We do not sell or share any of your details with anyone.

Primary causes of data collection:

User Experience: With the data collected, our teams group-ups all the information and does research to make the user experience more reliable.

Authenticity: We use the information to authenticate the users. It will help out to find out to gives required access to genuine people.

With the information, we can choose what modules/sections should be accessible by what people. It helps to check whether the access is legal or not, which itself loops to Authenticity.

How long will the data be stored with us?

As long as you're using any of our services, we store your information to enhance the features.

If you don't want to allow the information restoration, you can request an appeal to remove your account permanently. Once done, we can proceed further and will remove all of your data from our database within the time duration (30 days.)

We might take some more amount of time (this case is valid if we don't hear from you for the testing period.)

What happens when you continue with your email id?

During registration, we allow users to continue the process by providing their email id or directly via the account. It is done for the easiness of the user.

TexAu members/employees/servers store your critical data (passcodes, pins, credentials).

When you continue with your email, you're permitting us to use your email within our site and service tabs. We may get details from your email registrar to confirm your gender and age.

We nor any of our login registrants permits to store the password for future references.

Rights of Users:

When you use any of our services, we do collect certain data, that data actually belongs to you. But since you're using our services so we might require that information for enhancing our services and site.

Being an official source of information, you have full rights over all the data that is stored with us.

Rights that you have:

Right to access: You can request to show all the information that is collected by us. You can further track that none of your details are captured (not even mistakenly)

Right to rectify: You hold the sole responsibility of data that you provide to us. In case, you've updated specific details, but that has not been updated over here, can be modified as per the request.

Being the sole holder of your data, you can request an appeal form to update your information.

Right to remove: In case, you don't want to continue with our services, or you want to delete all the data stored, you need to fill an appeal form requesting for the removal of your account.

Make sure that this step is permanent; any changes henceforth won't be reversible.

Children's Privacy

We do not allow anyone below age 13 to surf our site or to continue with any of our service(s). We do not accept any data if the age of the user is below 13. If your child has mistakenly submitted the details, please fill the appeal form and get in touch with us so that we could help you out and remove all the stored data permanently.

Revisions to Privacy Policy

As per the conditions, technologies we may update our privacy policy anytime. We will keep a record of all the policies we've made so far. You can quickly check the updated policy by crawling the revised date of the policy page. You can find the date at the very bottom of this page.

We also try to notify users via Email (if opted), and we occasionally give notifications on our homepage regarding any policy changes.

Contact Us:

If you've any query, suggestions, complaints regarding our policies, you can mail us at support@texau.com In case you don't want to send mail, you can send your message via the contact page. You can further write to us at 1201, Akanksha Building, Prem Nagar Complex, Mira Road - East, Thane, Maharashtra, India - 401107