• Spice Name: LinkedIn Send Message
  • Results: Automatically send messages to any LinkedIn profile to start building relationships & engaged connections.

Automate your LinkedIn messaging and take your sales to the next level

Reaching out to prospects on LinkedIn is becoming the most efficient way to do B2B sales. Our LinkedIn automations help salespeople, marketers, HRs, and many more set their first cold DMs on automatic.

  1. Send DMs to your LinkedIn connections. Have you ever wished to get your whole network to support you? Do this by extracting your connections into a list, then feeding it as an input to the LinkedIn auto-message sender.
  2. Reach out to people interacting with a specific post. Find a post about the problem your company fixes. Extract all the people interacting with it and reach out to them on automatic. Your reply rate will be through the roof.
  3. Follow up on people who haven’t answered yet. Connect LinkedIn Message Sender to your LinkedIn inbox so that you only shoot DMs out to people who haven’t gotten back to you yet.
  4. Send automated messages to LinkedIn group members. Another great place to find prospects is the LinkedIn groups. Extract members of a group and use this automation to auto-send messages to each member.
  5. Greet your new connections. By simply starting a discussion after someone connected to you, you’re setting yourself apart. Set those automated DMs on automatic and focus on creating a relationship with those interested.

Start sending automated LinkedIn messages

Using TexAu’s LinkedIn message automatic is simple:

  1. Create a free TexAu account here.
  2. Create a list of LinkedIn profiles you want to messages to. (See use-cases)
  3. Craft your message, specify dynamic fields’ content, and even attached documents.
  4. Start the automation now or schedule it for later. That’s it!

Let’s see how to send messages to anyone on Linkedin

Here we will see the steps of the execution & the inputs required for this spice.

The whole execution will play around these 10 input points & the total time to execute this will be around 1-2 minutes, depending on the number of messages you want to send.

Here’s what each of the input points means:

  1. Li_AT: LinkedIn uses this piece of information to ensure it’s really you who’s using the LinkedIn profile.
  2. Message: Enter the message you want to send to the users. Make sure you don’t go do specific with the messages. Keep it as generic as possible. You can use the labels to personalize for individual users.  
  3. Image URL: Add image URL to make the conversation interactive. Use this guide to know how.
  4. Profile or Thread URL: Enter the profile URL or directly the message thread URL.
  5. Check previous message: This could be the message you sent previously, but the user did not reply to it. Use the same message including the tags so that the system would know who to send follow-up message to.
  6. LinkedIn premium account: Check this if you want the system to know that you have a premium account so that you can send messages to more people.
  7. Only send to connected profiles: Check this if you want to send messages only to first degree connections. People in your first degree are most likely to convert since they know you already. We have a spice to auto-send connection request, you might want to use it to add more people to your connection and send messages to them as well.
  8. Upload a CSV or Link a Google Sheet: Here you can upload a CSV or link a Google sheet. There are some extra steps here & we will cover them in the next section.
  9. Send a LinkedIn Message: Clicking on this button will immediately start the execution.
  10. Schedule this spice: You can choose to schedule this spice to scrape followers from specified profiles.

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How to send messages to any Linkedin profile using TexAu?

Once your account is set up, and you have completed the onboarding, visit the Spice page in the app. TexAu acts on your behalf on LinkedIn to run this automation. TexAu is the safest automation platform on the web, it uses your LinkedIn session cookie to authenticate as you to run this automation. We never ask for your login credentials. To make filling session cookies easier, you can use the TexAu Chrome extension. This process only requires 2 clicks.

Download TexAu Extension for Chrome here: TexAu Chrome Extension [Used and loved by over 4000+ customers]

Refresh your automation page and click on the Get Cookie button. Make sure you’re logged in to your Linkedin account & the activated chrome extension will do the job.

In case if you are not using Google Chrome, check this guide on how to get cookies manually from your browser. We are working hard to bring our extension to all the major browsers very soon.

Step 2: Upload the CSV or paste Google sheet URL (only if you have multiple profile to send messages to)

If you have a CSV, simply upload it from your PC. If you have a Google Sheet, there are some extra steps.

  • First, paste the Google sheet’s URL.
  • Either get the session cookie or use our chrome extension to do it with the click of a button.
  • Input the column containing the profile URLs. Make sure you choose the right column for successful execution.
Send message on Linkedin

For the final touch, make sure you have set the sheet as public (as shown below) so the TexAu can access it.

Send message on Linkedin

Step 3: Start execution or schedule the automation

Clicking on the Send a Linkedin Message button will immediately start the execution. Based on the number of profiles to send messages to, the execution time will vary. Remember, you can send messages only to 40 profiles per day.

Scheduling the automation will give you additional points to control the execution. You can choose specific days of the week or month, specific times daily. You can even set a specific start & end time of the execution.

The advantage of automating the whole process is that you don’t have to actively sit in front of your PC while TexAu does its job.

Step 4: Download execution results to your local PC

Once you click on the Send a Linkedin Message button, the execution will begin and then you will see the following message in the execution log.

Send message on Linkedin

Once you see, click on the ‘Result’ button where you can view your results & download the result as a CSV file as shown below.

Send message on Linkedin

Note: Alternatively you can download results from the Results menu on the left-hand navigation, just hover over the menu & click on Results as shown below:

Send message on Linkedin

That’s all you need to send messages to any LinkedIn profile.

Limitations & important points to note

Following limits imply to this spice using TexAu:

  1. You can run this spice 40 times a day to send messages to 40 profiles a day. We have capped this limit to not invite trouble from LinkedIn. However, you will have to keep in mind your daily limit. You can find those details here.

In case if you have any questions related to this spice or anything related to TexAU, just drop us a message and we will get back in 10 minutes 🙂