ProductHunt Auto Follow

Inputs Required
    (Product Hunt session "_producthunt_session_production" cookie)
  • Profile URL
    (URL of the user you want to follow)

  • Twitter URL
    Twitter URL of the user
  • Website URL
    Website URL
  • Image URL
    Image URL of the profile
  • Name
    Name of the user
  • User ID
    ID of the user
  • Following Count
    Following of the user
  • Follower Count
    Number of followers
  • Description
    Description added by user
  • Upvote Count
    Total number of upvotes
  • Submitted Count
    Number of submitted products
  • Made Count
    Number of products made by user
  • Upcoming Count
    Number of products in upcoming
  • Subscribed Count
    Number of product subscriptions
  • Followed Topic Count
    Number of topics followed
  • Collection Count
    Count of collection
  • Followed collection count
    Followed collection number
  • Success
    Whether the follow was successful or not
  • Profile URL
    Profile URL of the user
  • Query
    Profile URL added in input
  • Timestamp
    Script execution timestamp

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