LinkedIn Sales Navigator InMail Sender

Inputs Required

Sales Navigator Cookie
Sales navigator cookie
Profile URL
Profile URL to send the message
In-Mail subject
In-Mail message


Input profile url
Profile URL
In-mail Subject
In-mail message

Make use of Sales Navigator account and automatically send InMails to your potential leads using TexAu

Are you facing the use of InMail credits? 70% of the Sales Navigator users don't use the Sales Navigator InMails feature to send InMail to their targeted potential leads. InMails can be sent to any user on LinkedIn, even if you're not connected. This makes it a really useful feature. To make this work easier, TexAu has built automation to send InMails automatically.

Make a list of all the high-profile targeted leads you want to reach out to, upload a full CSV or Google Sheet file on TexAu, set up a schedule, and rest. TexAu will take care of this and make sure you're using all your allowed credits to reach out to all those high-profile leads.

How to send Sales Navigator InMails?

  1. Create a free TexAu account here: TexAu
  2. Authenticate to LinkedIn Sales Navigator using a simple TexAu Chrome Extension
  3. Upload a CSV file containing Sales Navigator or normal LinkedIn Profiles
  4. Write a well-formatted personalized message using profile tags.
  5. Click "Run Automation" or "Set up a schedule
  6. Sit back and relax. Receive updated reports every day on how many InMails are sent.

Before we see how to run this automation, there are some important points to note. Let's understand that quickly.

Points to note (How many InMails I can send?):

You can InMails for free to any profile on LinkedIn which is public or profiles that do not require an email to send connect. If the message button is active for that user, you can send InMails for free.

Following limits apply to InMails sent to private profiles on LinkedIn:

  1. You can send up to 20 InMails every month using Sales Navigator Pro (30 for Teams, 50 for Enterprise)
  2. You get credited back when you receive a response to your emails, even if a user sends "Not interested" using LinkedIn's auto-replies feature.
  3. You can accumulate in total up to 30 InMail credits using Sales Navigator Pro (90 for Teams, 150 for Enterprise)

You can read more about this here:

Now, let's see how to run this automation on TexAu.

How to run LinkedIn Sales Navigator InMail Sender on TexAu?

In this section, we are going to see step-by-step how to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator InMail Sender automation. You need a CSV file or a Google Sheet which contains all the profile URLs. In case, if you want to send every profile a very specific message, you can add one more column with your personalized message for each profile.

CleanShot 2020-12-17 at 12.12.23@2x.png

As you can see in the image above, there is a total of 7 inputs, only 3 are required. The total time to set up this automation is just 5 minutes. Let's understand the meaning of each from the image.

  1. Sales Navigator Cookie: This will take your LinkedIn Sales Navigator Cookie to authenticate to LinkedIn.
  2. Profile URL: If you want to send InMail to just one user, you can use this to enter the profile URL.
  3. Subject: Write the subject of your InMail
  4. Message: Write the content of your InMail
  5. CSV and Google Sheet: You can process multiple profile URLs using this option.
  6. Send Message: This button will start running this automation.
  7. Schedule this Spice (Automation): You can schedule this automation to run periodically after a specific time.

Step 1: Authenticate to LinkedIn using TexAu Chrome Extension

Once your account is set up and you have completed the onboarding, visit the LinkedIn Sales Navigator InMail automation page. TexAu acts on your behalf on LinkedIn to run this automation. TexAu is the safest automation platform on the web, it uses your LinkedIn session cookie to authenticate as you to run this automation. We never ask for your login credentials. To make filling session cookies easier, you can use the TexAu Chrome extension. This process only requires 2 clicks.

  1. Download TexAu Extension for Chrome here: TexAu Chrome Extension [Used and loved by over 8000+ customers]
  2. Refresh your automation page and click on the Get Cookie button, as shown in the image above.

In case if you are not using Chrome, check this guide on how to get cookies manually from your browser. We are working hard to bring our extension to all the major browsers very soon.

Step 2: Click on CSV File upload or Google Sheet URL

Click on CSV file upload if you have a CSV file or if you have a Google Sheet with all the profile URLs you can use that. Fill all the LinkedIn Sales Navigator or Normal profile URLs in a one-column, one profile per row. As shown in the image below. You can also add your custom message for each user in another column.

CleanShot 2020-12-17 at 13.19.27@2x.png

Once done, make this spreadsheet public so TexAu can access it 🙂

CleanShot 2020-12-15 at 12.42.38.png

Paste the spreadsheet URL in TexAu and select the column which contains LinkedIn user profile URLs.

Step 3: Schedule LinkedIn Sales Navigator InMail Sender automation

You are ready to run this automation. We know automation works well when it is set on autopilot and it seems to run on its own while you're away. You can click on "Schedule this automation" and create a schedule with multiple options.

Lastly, make sure to follow the recommended limits on our limits page of each automation. It's a good practice not to run more automation than what is recommended on TexAu, you can always configure the limits as per your convenience from our Configure limits page.

Go ahead and run your first automation on TexAu 🚀


  1. How to use CSV with TexAu Automation:
  2. How to use Google Sheet with TexAu Automation:
  3. How to schedule a TexAu Automation:

In case if you have any questions related to Instagram Stories Extractor, just drop us a message and we will get back in 10 minutes 🙂

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