Extract Retweeters of a Tweet

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Profile url
Retweeter's name
Blocked by Retweeter
Blocking Retweeter
Retweeter's business profile state
True if you can dm Retweeter
True if you can media tag Retweeter
Profile creation date
Profile description
Favourite count
Is follow request sent
Retweeter follows you
Retweeters follower count
True if you follow Retweeter
Retweeter following count
Retweeter profile id
Media count
Retweeter muting you
Normal followers count
Banner url
Profile image url
Account protected
Requires consent
Twitter handle
Statuses count
account verified or not
Input tweet url

  • Spice Name: Auto Extract Retweeters
  • Results: Use this spice to extract every person who has retweeted a Twitter post.
  • Spice Description: The spice will extract a lot of valuable information about the person who has retweeted a certain post on Twitter. You will be able to make a lot of decisions just by running this spice.

About Extracting Retweeters of a Tweet

With almost 30% of the users fall under the range of 25-34, this means you can target the gen z on this platform. People use Twitter to engage with their favorite brands. Engaging means, people share their reviews & problems on Twitter. This is one scenario we can think of how this spice can help you.

You can use this spice to extract a lot of valuable information from the retweets. This information can help you with making a ton of decisions. Let's take a look at the spice in detail.

How to extract retweeters of a tweet?

You need to enter the tweet URL to know a lot about the people who have retweeted a tweet. The spice will do everything for you. Why doing this is helpful?

Well it turns out, it tells a lot about the person. This can help you make informed decisions about your business. Something tells us that knowing about the people retweeting posts of your competition will be interested in your product as well.

Here are the steps to extract retweeters of a tweet

  1. Create a free TexAu account here

  2. Enter Twitter_Auth Token manually or simply use TexAu Chrome Extension

  3. Enter the tweet URL in the respective field & specify the number of retweeters you want to scrape. At present, you can execute up to 10 executions each execution can extract details of 500 retweeters. It might change as and when Twitter updates its policies.

  4. If you're using the web version, make sure you toggle the "Use Proxy" button. This will require you to add a proxy to your account. If you use the TexAu Desktop app, you don't have to worry about purchasing a proxy or even setting one.

  5. Click the "Extract Retweeters" button to run the automation right away or click "Schedule this spice" to repeatedly run this spice. This spice can help you extract details of 5000 retweeters. If you multiple tweets to extract from, put them in a CSV or a Google sheet, you can schedule this as well.

Limitations & important points to note

Following limits imply to Extracting information about the Retweeters of a Tweet using TexAu:

  1. You can detail up to 10 executions per day & each execution will bring data of 500 profiles. You can configure limits but we don't recommend doing it because this will raise red flags for the Twitter algorithm. You can schedule this spice to run daily & do the job in case you have multiple retweeters to extract about. You just have uploaded a CSV or link a Google sheet with post URLs. We will show to automate this task endlessly in the below steps, read on.

Understanding the whole execution of Extracting Retweeters

Here we will see the steps of the execution & the inputs required for this spice.

The whole execution will play around these 6 input points & the total time to execute this will be around 1-2 minutes, depending on the number of posts you want to extract retweeters from. Here's what each of the input points means:


1. Twitter_Auth Token: Twitter uses this piece of information to ensure it's really you who's using the Twitter profile.

2. Tweet URL: Here you will enter the URL of the post you want to extract retweeters from.

3. Number of Retweeters: Mention how many profiles should the script scrape. Remember, you can pull data of 500 profiles per execution.

4. Upload CSV or Google Sheet: You can upload a CSV of Google Sheet if you have a lot of tweets to extract retweeters from. Be sure to execute this with the daily limit in mind. You can deal with only 10 executions per day. If you're doing this on web browser, make sure you have a proxy setup before hand. If you're doing the same thing on a desktop, you don't have to worry about anything. Refer these guides to learn more about proxies.

5. Extract Retweeters: Clicking on this button will immediately start the execution.

6. Schedule this spice: You can choose to schedule this spice to regularly engage with tweet URLs mentioned in Google Sheet (more on this below)

How to Extract Retweeters of a Tweet using TexAu?

Step 1: Create TexAu account & authenticate Twitter Auth Token

Once your account is set up and you have completed the onboarding, visit the Spice page. TexAu acts on your behalf on Twitter to run this automation. TexAu is the safest automation platform on the web, it uses your Twitter Auth Token to authenticate as you to run this automation. We never ask for your login credentials. To make filling session cookies easier, you can use the TexAu Chrome extension. This process only requires 2 clicks.

  1. Download TexAu Extension for Chrome here: TexAu Chrome Extension [Used and loved by over 4000+ customers]

  2. Refresh your automation page and click on the Get Cookie button.

In case if you are not using Google Chrome, check this guide on how to get cookies manually from your browser. We are working hard to bring our extension to all the major browsers very soon. Also, it's always better to use the desktop app. You wouldn't need to purchase a proxy if you're using our desktop app.

Step 2: Enter the Tweet URL of the tweet you want to extract retweeters of

If you just have one tweet URL to extract from, enter that in the respective field. You're here to do it for multiple posts & do that in a matter of minutes. If you have multiple posts to extract retweeters from, upload a CSV or link a Google Sheet.

Step 3: Upload the CSV or paste Google sheet URL

If you have a CSV, simply upload it from your PC. If you have a Google Sheet, there are some extra steps.

  • First paste the Google sheet's URL.
  • Either get the session cookie or use our chrome extension to do it with the click of a button. You can also create variables to avoid entering Twitter_Auth Token again & again. Here's a guide to creating variables on TexAu.
  • Input the column containing the Tweet URLs. Make sure you choose the right column for successful execution.


  • If you have purchased a proxy (you will have to add a proxy to your account) make sure you toggle the option. Furthermore, if you're executing on a desktop, you don't have to worry about the proxy.

For the final touch, make sure you have set the sheet as public (as shown below) so the TexAu can access it.


Step 3: Start execution or schedule the automation

Clicking on the Extract Retweeters button will immediately start the execution. Unless you have multiple tweets to extract Retweeters from, it would hardly take 2-3 minutes to execute this script.

Scheduling the automation will give you additional points to control the execution. You can choose specific days of the week or month, specific time daily. You can even set a specific start & end time of the execution.

The advantage of automating the whole process is that you don't have to actively sit in front of your PC while TexAu does its job. But make sure you have a proxy if you choose to run the spice on our cloud servers.

Step 4: Download execution results to your local PC

Once you click on Extract Retweeters you will see an execution window at the bottom of your screen, that would look as shown below:


Once the execution is complete, you will see the following message in the execution log.


Once you see, click on the 'Result' button where you can view your results & download the result as a CSV file as shown below.


Note: Alternatively you can download results from the Results menu on the left-hand navigation, just hover over the menu & click on Results as shown below:


That's all you need to extract Retweeters of a twitter post.


1. How to use CSV with TexAu Automation

  1. How to use Google Sheet with TexAu Automation

  2. How to schedule a TexAu Automation

In case if you have any questions related to this spice, just drop us a message and we will get back in 10 minutes 🙂

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