Company Name to Domain Converter

Inputs Required

Company Name
Name to search the domain


Company Name
Returned Domain
Company website

Company domain is the first step in your contact or company data enrichment. If you have company names, you can use this automation to find company domains easily. TexAu automation take the company name, first it goes through our database and if we don't find the domain, we open Google search and search for the company name. TexAu provides domain with up to 80% accuracy.

Let's see how to run this automation.

What it takes?

This simple automation takes the company name as a single input or a CSV or Google Sheet file containing all the company names.

What it returns?

After every successful find, it returns,

  1. Company Name
  2. Company Domain
  3. Company Website [ with http or https]

How to run Company Name to Domain Converter

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